"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."- Margaret J. Wheatley

$40,000 means we can provide life changing support for housing insecure and homeless LGBTQ+ young adults 18-24! 

Kaleidoscope Youth Center (KYC) is the largest and longest standing organization serving LGBTQ+ youth in the state of Ohio. Since 1994, we have been the leaders and experts in meeting the needs of and supporting LGBTQ+  young people in our community. Next year we are turning 25 and are excited to share that we are expanding to further meet the needs of young people in our community by providing housing opportunities for young adults, ages 18-24.

Late this year, KYC received a grant from the Victims of Crime Act and State Victim Assistance Act through the Ohio State Attorney General’s Office to establish a Rapid Re-Housing Program that will provide supported housing opportunities through move-in/rental assistance, housing identification, and case management support to young adults ages 18-24.  This program will launch in 2019, and although this is a step in right direction in terms of preventing and disrupting homelessness, we recognize that many more youth will continue to be in urgent or immediate need of short term housing and support.

Our vision is to keep our young people off of the streets while giving them the tools to thrive.

KYC Supportive Co-Housing

KYC Supportive Co-Housing is a project designed to meet the present needs of homeless, housing insecure, and housing vulnerable LGBTQ+ young people, ages 18-24. This is our community approach to serve as a safety net for the most vulnerable young people in our city. This project is innovative and the first of its kind in Central Ohio. This opportunity will meet the urgent needs of our youth, and serve as a tool for the prevention of homelessness and subsequent crises.  Participants will be supported to build and strengthen self-reliance and life skills; and will benefit from positive peer and mentoring relationships which will offer them access to resource and resiliency. Each young person will be provided a case manager to assist them in developing and implementing a case plan, with the ultimate goal being to move young adults from supportive co-housing into safe, stable, independent housing opportunities.

We need your help!

Kaleidoscope Youth Center currently has a long-term lease of an early 1900’s historic home-turned-center located in the beautiful Discovery District of Columbus, OH. A home-away-from-home for many youth, we have always dreamed of expanding our space to include the carriage house that is literally steps away from our home, and we now have the chance to make that dream a reality.  We have the unique opportunity to lease the Carriage House located within a couple feet of our Drop-In Center; this will be the home for our Supportive Co-Housing Program. Our landlord has provided the price of $40,000 to secure the Carriage House and begin renovations, all of which will be completed in kind!


We know that it truly takes a village to support the young people in our community. KYC would not exist to provide LGBTQ+ youth a safe, empowering, and affirming space today if it hadn’t been for the commitment and support of our community.

Will you join our village and support our vision to keep our young people off of the streets?

Studies from Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago show that LGBTQ+ young people are 120% more likely to experience homelessness than non-LGBTQ youth; further studies indicate that nearly 40% of all homeless youth identify as LGBTQ+

Traditional and federally funded housing programs, that are currently available, are geared towards those whom are at imminent risk of homelessness or are literally homeless; which may require young people to live in unsafe environments such as tents or ‘on the land’.

In Columbus, OH there are an estimated 2,000 young people identified as being homeless; and of that number approximately 40% are unaccounted for as they are not engaged services; this is likely due to them not being eligible to access current services based on federal guidelines, and/or there are not mechanisms developed to accurately record their experiences. While the need to serve youth whom are literally homeless is real, this restricted focus creates barriers and a gap in services for LGBTQ+ young people whose housing is insecure or vulnerable due to lack of acceptance or safety within their homes.

Our intention is prevention. Through the  KYC Supportive Co-Housing Program, young adults in vulnerable or insecure housing situations will be provided a supportive, safe, and loving home; and be connected to vital resources while they are assisted in moving into independent housing opportunities.


Join our village by investing in a LGBTQ+ young person and your name will be displayed on our ‘Village Wall’, forever reminding young people that they are not alone in this world. No amount is too small!

Securing the Carriage House is the first of many steps in offering KYC Supportive Co-Housing. Once the space is ours, we will then need to renovate, decorate and continue building the opportunity. This will include furnishing, growing resources, and eventually hiring  staff.

All money raised OVER $40,000 will be directed towards building and sustaining the Supportive Co-Housing program!

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